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Focused. Driven. Experienced.

Since 1989, NRC has sold thousands of convenience store and petroleum locations throughout North America, and as a result, has been able to leverage this experience to provide a full spectrum of merger and acquisition and related financial advisory services to those investing their efforts and capital in this industry. NRC's value proposition goes well beyond quality, dedication, drive and client service. Our professional staff is unparalleled in delivering the comprehensive skill sets needed to ensure that your financial goals are not only met, but rather, exceeded. Most significantly, NRC is the ONLY firm with platforms for both mergers and acquisitions AND real estate sales and divestitures of portfolios ranging from a few stores to over 300, using NRC's proven "buy one, some or all" bid sale method. NRC's breadth of experience makes us particularly well-suited to provide a wide variety of financial advisory services, including: ■  Mergers and Corporate Acquisitions ■  Value Add Proposition ■  Portfolio Evaluation and Analysis ■  Divestiture Activities ■  Financing Options ■  Workouts and Restructures

Major Client Engagements 

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